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  • Hair Transplantation: Factors Affecting The Cost

    Book Appointment Talk to Expert Cost of Hair Transplant Treatment & Factors Affecting Hair transplantation is an advanced, minimally-invasive surgical procedure and the best solution for baldness that is otherwise irreversible. While the results are permanent, giving you a natural hairline and hair density, it can be a significant financial investment. Thus, we believe that […]

  • Hair transplantation: Risks, Side effects

    Book Appointment Talk to Expert Hair transplantation: Risks, Side effects, Pre & Post Care Baldness is common and affects anyone regardless of their age. When we think of a long-term solution, hair transplantation comes to mind. It has gained popularity as it instantly fixes hair loss and give voluminous hair. But it comes with pros […]

  • History of Hair Transplant Treatment

    Book Appointment Talk to Expert The Evolution of Hair Transplantation: A Brief History from Hair Plugs to FUE Hair transplantation¬†has evolved exponentially in recent decades. Centuries ago, people used wigs or clever cover-ups to hide bald patches, leading to early attempts at hair restoration using skin grafts and hair plugs.¬† Years of successful experiments showed […]